Carl Churchill | Information Designer

Projects made as an employee ⟶

⟵ Freelance and hobby work.

Made for Woodwell Climate Research Center

Woodwell Climate Research Center Entrance Map | September – November 2021

Created a new map to be displayed in the entrance hall at each level of the Woodwell Climate Research Center main building in Falmouth, MA.

Protected Lands and Deforestation in the Pan-Amazon Biome | October 2021

Adapted from a poster for an Axios feature on conservation in the Amazon.

Read the story here.

Global Alliance | July – October 2021

Created posters to support the Rainforest Foundation and Global Alliance in their communication work, including COP 2021.

Read the story here.

Flooding in Chelsea, MA | July – August 2021

Supported a report to the City of Chelsea with figures showing flooding, flood models and protective infrastructure.

Climate Risk in North Korea | April – July 2021

Created figures and graphics for a Story Map on climate risk in North Korea.

Read the story here.

Climate Risk in the Mediterranean | April – May 2021

Figures showing sea level rise at select sites in Europe and Africa to support a risk report on Climate Risk.

Climate Risk in the Arctic | February – April 2021

Created figures and graphics for a Story Map on climate risk at, and above the Arctic Circle.

Read the story here.

Freelance work (and for fun!)

Land Subsidence in Louisiana | November 2021

An animation showing 37 years of erosion on the Louisiana delta region. Commissioned for a student project out of Colorado State University.

Aerosol Levels over Siberia | November 2021

Made as part of the #30dayMapChallenge, November 2021.

The Chihuahuan Desert | July 2021

A Story Map on the Chihuahuan Desert for a discord mapping competition.

Read the story here.

Death by a Thousand Cuts | January – February 2021

An exploration of the history and current conservation state of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in Alabama.

Coming to the San Luis Valley | January – October 2020

A research project on the history of the San Luis Valley in Colorado and New Mexico. Adapted from an earlier Story Map.

New China Rising | November 2019 – January 2020

An infographic about the pace of urbanization on China’s eastern and southern coast.

I have made hundreds of maps over my short career, a lot more than is shown above. Check out my full published collection here.